Mayflower USA & Canada                                       

 Welcome to a new addition to the Triumph Mayflower Website. This page is not intended to separate our fellow enthusiasts  from the rest of the world, it is intended to further enrich opportunities and pleasure of owning a Triumph Mayflower. Many of us, on this great continent, need information and support from each other to keep our Mayflowers in perfect running order and can benefit from the experience and knowledge of ownership. Let us share our resources.

One example is the way Russ Hoenig is scavenging parts, visiting fellow Mayflower owners and providing technical advice. His collection of parts are created by donations from fellow members, purchasing from junk yards and some he has had his  professional contacts recreate. I personally have had calls from owners asking how I achieved certain points of my restoration. I even had one person contact me asking me to keep him in mind should I be willing to sell. I take that as a compliment and will certainly keep him in mind if and when the time comes.

A second is how an owner helped me with my electrical issue I was having. He walked me through the entire system, was able to identify the problem. 

According to Sedgewick and Giles, only 1000 of the 35,000 total production made it to the USA and Canada. I wonder how many still exist and of those existing, how many are running? 

Anyone wishing to provide information or knowledge, please contact the webmaster via email at