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Honours Boards

This is a page for those who want to reminisce, or those who are simply curious, about the history of the club personnel. Those who have been involved with the club since its inception have helped to shape what it is today; their experience has been invaluable and continues to be so.

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Life president

Peter Benfield 2011–2015

Founding members

Derek Goodyear (0) 1974
Phil Hall (1) 1974
Terry ‘TC’ Mills (2) 1974
Reg ‘Keith’ Varney (3) 1974


John Oglesby Unknown
Peter Benfield Unknown–2007
Howard Pryor 2009–2012
John Castle 2012–Present


John Oglesby Unknown
Howard Pryor Unknown–2009
John Castle 2009–2012
Chad Brown 2012–2018
Paul Burgess 2018–Present


John Oaker 1993–2019
John Corley 2019–Present


Phil Benson Unknown–2008
Paul Norton 2008–Present

Publicity officer

Mark Smith 2018–Present


Stephen Coulman Unknown–Present

Flower Power editor

John Gogay Unknown–2007
Phil Benson 2007–2008
Nico ten Wolde 2008–2018
Barbara Davies 2018–Present

Rally secretary

Jahn Oglesby Circa 1986
Eddie Copson Unknown–2008
John Castle 2011–2013
Chad Brown 2013–2018
John Castle (on-the-day) 2018–2019
John Banks 2019–Present

Regalia secretary

Fred Newman Unknown–2012
Malcolm Barnsley 2012–2014
John Castle 2014–2018
Paul Burgess 2018–Present

Spares secretary

Derek Goodyear Unknown–1978
Peter Burge 1978–Unknown
John Gogay (new parts) Unknown–2012
Peter Benfield (second-hand parts) Unknown–2011
Fred Newman (second-hand parts) 2009–2011
Brian Redshaw (second-hand parts) 2011–2012
Brian Redshaw 2012–2017
Paul Burgess 2017–Present


Phil Benson 2000–Unknown
Robert Gannon 2009–2015
Nico ten Wolde 2015–2017
Andi Emma Davies (webmaster) 2017–Present
Rob Davies (web editor) 2017–Present