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Long-standing Committee Members

Members who have served for ten years or more

On this page, you will find a catalogue of those members who have served the committee for ten years or more in various capacities. These are the people who have made the club what it is and allowed us to access a wealth of knowledge as well as parts to keep our cars on the road. They also organise gatherings and rallies where we can meet with other members and share experiences and enjoy the cars we drive.

The sister page to this page celebrating those who have served for ten years or more is a list of all committee members who have served the club since its inception in 1974. Without whom the club would not be what it is today, enabling us all to keep our cars on the road and enjoying a social get together at rallies around the country. To see this page, click this link:

Honours Boards

Please note: The dates used to show length of service are those that appear in editions of Flower Power through the years, and therefore may straddle a year boundary by a few months.

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John Gogay (262) – 37 Years in 2020

Spares Secretary 1984–2012
Flower Power Editor (*) 2002–2005 (Acting)
Flower Power Editor (*) 2006–2007 (Acting)
Ordinary Committee Member 2013–Present

(* In addition, John has published Flower Power for many years too.)

Photo of John Gogay

John Oaker (715) – 26 Years

Secretary 1993–2019
Photo of John Oaker

Paul Norton (462) – 25 Years in 2020

Ordinary Committee Member 1995–2009
Flower Power Editor 2009 (Acting)
Treasurer 2009–Present
Photo of Paul Norton

Howard Pryor (551) – 25 Years in 2020

Ordinary Committee Member 1995–1996
Rally Secretary 1996–2004
Vice Chairperson 2004–2010
Chairperson 2010–2012
Technical Officer 2013–Present
Photo of Howard Pryor

Stephen Coulman (785) – 23 Years in 2020

Archivist/Historian 1997–Present
Flower Power Editor 1999–2000 (Joint)
Spares Secretary 1999–2001 (Second-hand)
Flower Power Editor 2000–2002
Technical Officer 2009–2011
Technical Officer 2012–Present
Photo of Stephen Coulman

Peter Benfield (409) – 21 Years

Vice Chairperson 1993–1996
Chairperson 1996–2008
Spares Secretary 2001–2011
Technical Officer 2009–2011
Life President 2011–2015
Photo of Peter Benfield

Phil Benson (490) – 17 Years

Archivist/Historian 1992–1994
Flower Power Editor 1992–2000
Treasurer 1993–2009
Flower Power Editor 2007–2009
Photo of Phil Benson

Malcolm Barnsley (912) – 16 Years in 2020

Technical Officer 2004–Present
Regalia Secretary 2012–2014
Photo of Malcolm Barnsley

Tony Booth (544) – 16 Years

Ordinary Committee Member 1988–1991
Vice Chairperson 1991–1993
Chairperson 1993–1996
Vice Chairperson 1996–2004
Photo of Tony Booth

Reg ‘Keith’ Varney (3 – Hon) – 16 Years

Founding Member 1974
Rally Secretary 1975–1981
Membership Secretary 1978–1981
Spares Secretary 1981–1984
Ordinary Committee Member 1985–1992
Photo of Reg ‘Keith’ Varney

Malcolm Bath (21) – 13 Years

Ordinary Committee Member 1975–1983
Rally Secretary 1983–1985
Flower Power Editor 1983–1986
Technical Officer 1986–1988
Photo of Malcolm Bath

Maurice Wilkes (891) – 12 Years

Ordinary Committee Member 2004–2016
Photo of Maurice Wilkes

John Oglesby (407) – 11 Years

Vice Chairperson 1988–1991
Rally Secretary 1988–1992
Chairperson 1991–1993
Ordinary Committee Member 1993–1999
Photo of John Oglesby

Peter Burge (20) – 10 Years

Archivist/Historian 1976–1978
Spares Secretary 1978–1980
Treasurer 1978–1981
Chairperson 1983–1988
Photo of Peter Burge

John Castle (1091) – 10 Years in 2020

Vice Chairperson 2010–2012
Rally Secretary 2011–2013
Chairperson 2011–Present
Regalia Secretary 2014–2018
Rally Secretary 2018–2019
Photo of John Castle

Edith Webber (364 – Hon) – 10 Years

Ordinary Committee Member 1983–1985
Membership Secretary 1985–1988
Ordinary Committee Member 1988–1993
Photo of Edith Webber

Mike Webber (364) – 10 Years

Treasurer 1983–1993
Photo of Mike Webber