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Mayflowers in Museums

Museums around the world have vehicles amongst their displays; many museums are dedicated to cars and the history of transport, so it would be unthinkable that our favourite car wouldn’t feature in some way or other! As we manage to locate them, it is our intention to feature them in this section.

Coventry Transport Museum

MOL 327


Not currently on display.

(No further details available at present)

Coventry Transport Museum website
Coventry Transport Museum

Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel, Glasgow

MYW 642


TT 22197 DL, Grey.

(No further details available at present)

Riverside Museum website
Riverside Museum, Glasgow

British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire

PTD 615



Our Mayflower is currently located on our ‘Time Road’ exhibition

Click here for a photo of the car on display.

British Motor Museum website
British Motor Museum, Gaydon