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Drive Your Triumph Day

10th February 2018

Report by Paul Burgess

In commemoration of Sir John Black’s birthday on February 10th, Rye Livingstone, activities chairman of the Triumph Travellers Sports Car Club asked for photographs of Triumphs taken on that day this year to post on the web ( Here are the Mayflowers that made it:

Carl Stevenson, TMC 537, Nottinghamshire, UK (GTL 255, 1953)

Dave Gibbs, TMC 1207, Hull, UK (MSK 250, 1952)

David Rutherford, TMC 1218, Spring Hill, Florida, USA (1953)

Malcolm Fielding, TMC 1189, Rhyl, N Wales, UK (XSJ 140, 1953)

Mike Clement, TMC 1140, Goole, East Yorks, UK (KSK 160, 1953)

Paul Burgess TMC 1200, Leicestershire, UK (NKA 947, 1952)