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New Standard for Fuel in UK to Be Introduced by End of Year

E10 will not be compatible with classic cars

“By the end of the year, E10 will be introduced in the UK. This is a fuel with 10% of bioethanol, designed to cut 750,000 tonnes of CO2 from emissions. As E10 is not suitable for the majority of classic cars, the government are planning to ensure that an …”

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An Updated Statement on Drive It Day 2020


“The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs have issued an updated press statement, which supercedes the previous update from three days ago, on Drive It Day 2020 in relation to how it’s going to be affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic: “The …”

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FBHVC Statement on Drive It Day 2020

Drive-on with caution!

“The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs have released a press statement on Drive It Day 2020 in relation to how it’s going to be affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic: “The FBHVC is committed to following the latest UK government advice on …”

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2020 Club AGM

Sunday 15th March

“This year we are holding our AGM at the Triumph Sports Six Club’s headquarters in Lubenham, Market Harborough. This is where our club now keeps all its spare parts. All members are welcome to attend and to have a say and indeed it would be great if any …”

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Drive Your Triumph Day

February 10th 2020

“Are you ready for Drive Your Triumph Day, Monday February 10th, to celebrate Sir John Black’s birthday, the man who organized Standard’s purchase of Triumph after the war and went on to make the cars we enjoy driving today? It’s just a couple of weeks away! …”

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Le Tour Panoramique 2019

Sunday 1st September

“The second “Le Tour Panoramique” will be on Sunday 1st September. A leisurely “tour” around the Cotswolds for classic cars. The start is at Prescott from 9 AM, where you can see cars attending the Breakfast Club and enjoy a classic breakfast in the clubhouse. …”

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Website v1.1 is Live!!

It’s been a long time coming…

Whew, it’s taken a lot longer than I’d hoped but I’m finally able to announce version 1.1 of the Triumph Mayflower Club website! Apologies it’s taken so long, but as my photo in the sidebar will attest, things have changed somewhat for me in the past 12 months – my …”

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GDPR Compliance

Everything you need to know

“At long last, we are fully GDPR compliant!! Well, in reality, we were actually all set before the legally-required date, but I’m only now getting round to writing about it, due to shifting priorities… Anyway, the ever-useful Mr Burgess, has written-up our GDPR …

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Northern Rally 2019

Messingham Show

“Stephen Coulman has not heard if anyone is attending the Messingham Show / Northern ‘Mayflower Rally’ on 02/06/19. He needs to know numbers for show day, so that passes can be left at the gate and space set aside for the club gazebo, etc. No pass means …”

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Police Clarify Their Stance on Historic Vehicle MOT Exemptions

An FBHVC press release

“The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) have sent a copy of a letter of reassurance they have received from Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, who leads on roads policing on the National Police Chiefs’ Council. The letter states that the police …”

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