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Birthday Surprise!

Calling all driveable Mayflowers in Derbyshire, Shropshire, Leicester or other areas near Cheadle – can you help?

A lady called Yvonne Evans, from Cheadle (Staffordshire Moorlands), has seen the website and has sent the following request:

“Sorry to trouble you, but I have been looking at your site about the old Mayflower car and was wondering if it might be possible to arrange a driving experience in this old classic.

My father owned a black Mayflower back in the ’60s, and my sister learned to drive in one (a black model). It will be her big 70th birthday this year and the only thing she has mentioned she would love to do is to get behind the wheel of a Mayflower again. We used to see one parked at what was ‘The Green Man’ pub near to Derbyshire.

She holds a full clean driving licence and currently drives a Jeep, so there are no concerns with regards to her ability. We live in Staffordshire Moorlands (Cheadle), but we would be prepared to travel (if not too far), if that was what we needed to do. Her birthday isn’t until September this year, but any time from June onwards (preferably at a weekend due to work) would be cool; the car holds a lot of memories for us as a family. We used to have a pet crow and sometimes he would sit in the front!

We would try to accommodate whatever would work out best to suit you.

Thanks, Yvonne.”

If you can help, please contact Rob, website editor (contact details in the sidebar).