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Rear Leaf Springs Replacement or Refurbishment

Saggy rear end – do you need new leaf springs?

Paul has sent me this very interesting article about the refurbishment or replacement of leaf springs. If you have a saggy rear end and want to go up in the world, or at least have your Mayflower sitting high and proud, then this might be of interest to you.

“I have just had a pair of rear leaf springs made at Jones Springs, 57 Gladstone St, Wednesbury, WS10 8BE, tel 0121 568 7575. The cost was £312 inc VAT and they made them in a week. I had to take a spring to them to use as a template and also supplied them with the specs from the manual, but they now have that information and so can make them without you having to supply one of yours to work from (unless yours are the early 10 leaf springs). They can also re-tension your old springs for you. This works out at about £75 plus VAT per spring.”
Spring Diagram