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Alternative Pedal Floor Seals

Flower Power – Summer 1991

I was talking to Paul recently about rubber floor seals; round, oval and pedal seals, which I’m hoping to investigate once I manage to crack my latest project, namely accurate replacement rear shock absorbers.

Shortly after he sent this article which may be of use to some members until bespoke pedal seals are sourced:

“Obtain two VW flasher rubbers; they are used on Beetles to seal between the front wings and the light units. Now remove from each seal the pipe section which fits into its base (they just pull out). Pull the Flower carpets from the pedal area, pull off the old seals and rubbers and remove the footpads. The VW rubbers can now be slid down over the metal pedals. These should be a tight fit and can be lubricated with soap if necessary – do not use oil, as this only rots the rubber. Finally clamp down the rubber and seal it to the car floor. A metal plate can be fabricated to do this with slots for the pedal movement. The plates or plate can be pop riveted or screwed to the floor with self-tapping screws. The dimensions are not critical as long as the slots allow full and free movement of the pedals.”

Hope this is of use, we’ll keep members informed of any progress with any new rubber parts.