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Service Bulletins

The latest addition to our technical documentation archive

We’ve just added a new document to the technical documentation section containing a large collection of official Mayflower service bulletins from Triumph. Paul has been doing a wonderful job of cataloguing all of these, along with the many other bits of documentation and print-media memorabilia in this section, so a huge thanks once again, Paul!

These bulletins are currently dated from 1950–53 and the list of titles is as follows:

  • Throttle control return spring
  • Front wheel bearings
  • Mayflower front suspension rebound cables
  • Auxiliary drop arm
  • Cold starting
  • Rear axle oil level
  • Lockheed brake master cylinder
  • Body & underframe repair manual
  • Coil to distributor HT cable
  • Engine main bearing caps
  • Flywheel ring gear & starter motor
  • Body & underframe repair manual – detail № 500737
  • Service instruction manual
  • Modified carburettor jets
  • Engine manifold gasket
  • Removal & installation of starter motor
  • Inlet & exhaust manifold packing
  • Steering unit attachment to trunnion bracket
  • Underframe sub-assembly
  • Loss of oil from rear axle cover plate
  • Care & maintenance of front suspension rubber bushes
  • 3½ Kilowatt heating & ventilating equipment
  • Modification to top clutch operating rods
  • Self-locking nuts used on steering track & tie rods
  • Possible improvements for engines using medium to high octane fuels
  • Lockheed stop light switch
  • Replacing gear change cross-shaft bearings
  • Schonitzer door locks