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Northern Rally 2019

Messingham Show


Stephen Coulman has not heard if anyone is attending the Messingham Show / Northern ‘Mayflower Rally’ on 02/06/19.

He needs to know numbers for show day, so that passes can be left at the gate and space set aside for the club gazebo, etc. No pass means no entry, as 100 cars are already booked in!

Click here to see the programme of events, so you can see what is on offer – it is always a great day out!

Please contact:

Message from the website editor

This is a new venture for us: we decided to join one of our Mayflower colleagues, Stephen Coulman, who is Secretary of this show, and it seems to have something for the whole family.

Hopefully it will be more accessible than Ripon for members to attend, which is the main reason for moving the rally to Messingham.

Please support your committee in their efforts; most importantly, please let Stephen know if you intend to go to the show, either with or without a Mayflower.

Rob Davies