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Police Clarify Their Stance on Historic Vehicle MOT Exemptions

An FBHVC press release

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) have sent a copy of a letter of reassurance they have received from Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, who leads on roads policing on the National Police Chiefs’ Council. The letter states that the police are now in-step with guidance issued by the Department for Transport that cars over 40 years old (i.e. all Mayflowers) are deemed to be Vehicles of Historic Interest, as long as they have, amongst other things, “been historically preserved or maintained in [their] original state and [have] not undergone substantial changes in the technical characteristic of [their] main components.”

Obviously, the lack of requirement for an MOT does not mean that the car is exempt from suitable maintenance or regular checking. If, as an owner, you are in any doubt about your abilities or judgement on things mechanical – have an MOT-type test done at a local garage to give you peace of mind.

Click here to view the press release.

Click here to read the DfT guidance document.