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FBHVC Statement on Drive It Day 2020

Drive-on with caution!

Update: Please be advised that the information in this article has been superseded by that which can be found at this link.

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs have released a press statement on Drive It Day 2020 in relation to how it’s going to be affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic:

“The FBHVC is committed to following the latest UK government advice on events and public gatherings pertinent to our member clubs and, as such, the following statement is in line with that advice, at time of writing, during this fast-moving situation.

Member clubs of the FBHVC are seeking guidance from the federation with regard to Drive It Day, scheduled for Sunday 26th April 2020.

Many events are already postponed or cancelled and so, with such a crowded event calendar, the possibility of achieving consensus for a revised Drive It Day date later in the year will be very difficult to achieve, hence why we publicise the dates up to five years in advance.

Therefore, Drive It Day 2020 will continue to be celebrated on Sunday 26th April. This being closest to the date in 1900 when The One Thousand Mile Trial organised by The Automobile Club started from London on April 23rd and travelled via Bristol, Birmingham, Derby, Manchester, Kendal, Carlisle, Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Leeds, Sheffield, Lincoln, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton and back to London in order to prove the viability of the motor car.

Currently, UK government are advising against all non-essential social contact. Our current general guidance to car clubs, that can be found on our website at, encourages the cancellation or postponement of meets, events and gatherings of people.

However, there seems no reason why enthusiasts could not take their vehicles out for a drive on Drive It Day, waving to each other from a discrete distance, so long as that drive avoids physical social contact.

The federation is encouraging the use of your chosen social media platform to share images and stories for what you are doing with your historic vehicles and furthermore, if you are unable to drive them, what you might be working on within the self – isolation of your garage or shed.

The FBHVC are asking for all enthusiasts to share pictures of what they do on Drive It Day utilising their historic vehicles in any way that is safe and sensible to do so using the hashtag #DriveItDay. Post your picture on to the FBHVC social media feeds or those of your member clubs. We will be monitoring those social feeds and public posts published with the #DriveItDay hashtag will be gathered onto a special area within the FBHVC website galleries in the future.

We would like to stress that the more mature, or those with underlying health conditions that fall into the “high-risk” category, should not attempt to leave isolation, even for a short drive. Those able to consider a short drive on Drive It Day should plan carefully whether that journey may require interactions, such as the purchase of fuel or payment of road tolls for example and make a personal judgement on the safety of any Drive It Day journey. We strongly advise that you follow current UK government advice and do not attend events, meets or visit public places such as pubs, restaurants or cafés on your Drive It Day journey.

For the latest advice for car clubs, events and other news, keep up to date via the federation news pages at”