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2021 News Articles

This page contains an archive of all news articles publised in 2021, in reverse date order.


Triumph Mayflower Club Annual Rally 2021

Delayed annual rally to take place on 17th October

“To take place at Foxton Locks, Market Harborough. If you intend to bring your Mayflower please let rally secretary John Banks know ASAP on For further details, visit to the rallies page in the events section: TMC Rallies

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Triumph and MG Weekend

13th–15th August 2021

“This event will be held on 13th–15th August 2021 at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern. If you’re interested go to this link for further details: Triumph and MG Weekend 2021

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Mayflower Door Badges

Anyone keen?

“Paul has contacted me to say that he can get some Mayflower door badges made. They would sell for £25 each + p&p. He would like members to let him know if you would buy at this price and, if so, how many so that he can ascertain demand before he orders. If …”

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Website v1.2, at Long Last!

Hopefully the last big gap between major website releases…

“Nearly a year and a half since our last major release, we finally have some juicy new features for you lovely people. The last two years have been crazy for everyone, for obvious reasons, but things seem to be beginning to return to some degree of …”

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Standard Triumph Picnic and Hog Roast

Sunday 9th May 2021

“Please see the following leaflet about the upcoming picnic being held for Triumph, Standard and Standard Triumph car owners. Obviously this may yet be cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic, but we can remain hopeful!”

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Drive Your Triumph Day

Wednesday 10th February 2021

“It’s that time again, Drive Your Triumph Day 2021. The concept is simple: on this day, drive your Mayflower, take a photo and submit it. Even if you can’t drive your car for whatever reason, then take a photo with you and the car and send it in. If you submit a photo to …”

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